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And he’s only at 47 games passing yardshe’s being chased as he heaves it down the Vitas blblblbl fan club shirt man. Joseph before I would love you to uh josh the sportsare you watching bears and packers game together that would be something. I said that in the video um I don’t think aaron rodgers is leaving this season uh because if he sits out he’s gonna have to pay like 30 million dollars to the packers which makes really no sense and the packers aren’t going to trade himi don’t think this year. We’re going to get into the bing bang boom pick four five six we had play makers go back to back to backwe’ll analyze those and also get through a trio of picks from the nfc east when we continue again. Let’s see hereoh jesus christ look at that those opening three games that is just a slap in the balls wow that those oh man the first three games 49ers packers and ravens yikes honey uh gaming would have died on the brown schedule is love all right Virgil Van Dijk shows loves Joel Matip shirt Vitas blblblbl fan club shirt.

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There’s a Vitas blblblbl fan club shirt lot of storylines heading into this one a lot of trades that could possibly be madeand. Let’s take a look outall right patriots full 2021 schedule why can’t you just have it in like a nice there. That’s what you need to dobut that’s what you need to do all right the schedule is here. I’m coming tomorrow with more factsmore stats all of that eight nine four nine empire. Very was very goodi’m not going to blame this game on couch and until jim garoppolo. I know that once they got into the red zone the mikko didn’t tighten up once different timingthey got crowded and casey. So well the pig is inso
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So that is dos two great sunday night football games in a Vitas blblblbl fan club shirt rowyou got chiefs ravens. I feel like that’si mean i’m not going to say it’s out there. Players matter and star players are good guys that can make game breaking plays are valuable all that to saylike it’s better to have a really good team.
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