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I’m over here in pennsylvaniaand I can smell a U.S Navy Veteran Flag stench from the stadium. That’sthat’s a good game right there. So we they had the ball a lot longerso guess what that means our defense was on the field longer and don’t don’t excuse that defense though some of that was their fault. I would have thought that that would have been a prime time game the london games though from what I saw did not look greatthey didn’t they didn’t look great at all. I mean obviously both of those receivers are fantastic they can be difference makers on the team all over the field 100really excited that two guys two team builders in in in what they have I’m NoT Short I’m Penguin Size shirt U.S Navy Veteran Flag.

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And I just wanna know the U.S Navy Veteran Flag lions packersmonday football game. And it tends to sail but not out of the reach of of a guy that’s getting paid a lot of money most of those catchesthe guys can get his hands on it but granted. If i’m that fani’m holding that ball for ranting now. Nono the raiders are bad. And then we’ll look at like the leaguewe’ll take a look at the best matchups from week to week. Tom baby could never they still down by fire over that old ass brady grandpa bradythat play actually caught you. No theythey can get blown out next week
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Last year they a U.S Navy Veteran Flag ually wenti know. He only allowed a single sack over 1 376 career snaps played and sewell ends up going number seven overall that was probably the best cut to a draft room that we saw all evening uh when you think about taking out a piece of your kneecap andthen another piece of your kneecap and then a hunk of flesh understandable why that group was awfully excited about drafting penne sewell at number seven but. But I thought it was funny because odell said one of his he wanted to go to like competitors likeyou know playoff competitors super bowl competitors and one of the teams on his list were the 49ers.
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