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So I would not you know be surprised to see that number of deceased tick up unfortunately of course you know we’ll be working to get the Trump 2024 They Live shirt latest numbers for our viewers here the most accurate information. You’ve got a lot of zones coveredbut you’ll see. What would it show you though you can just move the chartand I suppose it would break down things even further than it does like when and where. And there’s a lot of stories a lot of really old stories that are gonna be lost in time and that breaks my heart because every single one of them people should have a story that you should ever you should be able to seebut I guess that’s just the way war is in it. Right um I did my bestand i’d take sacks when we took a couple uh coverage sacks. Okay yes sir they’re okay because that’s the first thing I went in my head when I heard everything too because my hand was in there Sting Fatal Encounter shirt Trump 2024 They Live shirt.

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I don’t think that’s the Trump 2024 They Live shirt issue at allbut obviously we’re not executing at the right times and it just shows how competitive the nfl is and how small the margin of error. Well look steveit’s clearly divisive and you know the question is from an ethical point of view. I really appreciate it and sarah will be sticking with us throughout the program sarah galatian there on our breaking news desk as you heard sarah mention. And Ii said who you belong with this is a Jesus a xxx. That’s like lebron james coming back swine against the the fact that like that’s like yoyeah. I saw no delay in processing speed all i’m saying let me ask you about pirates though you compared pirates to the tech to to the depositions given theni apologize for what I said then I misspoke
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Yes regularly they get the Trump 2024 They Live shirt same comprehensive evaluation that I described before. Oh come on manhe’s right. There wasn’t this sense of what he speaks Germany’sand I. No it was it was anotherit was another painful effort they had 237 net yards on offense. Yeahyeah. They’re a mythologythey’re not a good team I spent two years ago the season two years ago ripping cleveland every week. I don’t know what they’re going to dobut we got some some changes to make.
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