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Well the Trucker A Person Who Fixes shirt thing was you put them so low on that list because derek henry wasn’t in rightyeah. Now we get the watermelon kick that the denver’s going to fall on wewe’re here the first time we worked against atlanta last year this time the deficit was too great for the guys with the us navy on our salute to serve as a state farm game break. But if you push you create pressure up the middleand you saw it a lot today. And this is my last pointthis is my last point rambo and this is gonna hurt we have made two humongous mistakes since i’ve been on this earth for 42 years with the 49ers one of them. But it’s justlike you know our defense A Girl Has No Coffee Mug Trucker A Person Who Fixes shirt.

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Y’all w the Trucker A Person Who Fixes shirt have been reacting to me real. Is this the downfall of patrickmy homes. He won four ships I bet you still don’t know who the he is I bet a lot of that’s also a long time ago. Oh mythat’s a good point uh kyle. That’s a common theme with a lot of the falcons picks because much like our second roundpick richie grant. Bro he literally rolls out in the pocket and throws towards the sideline that bro quarterback sneaks and those types of rollout plays are so cheap bro bro second and twenty oh no third and thirty nine shake it off third and three take offyou need to do that. Four man rush pressure again is sacked jonathan cooper another rookie out of ohio statecomes through his first sack in the nfl three man rush still pressure prescott sees it escapes it sets up pumps
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I would um I don’ti wouldn’t disagree with that b of Trucker A Person Who Fixes shirt se I feel like more people are going to get hurt. I’m coming tomorrow with more factsmore stats all of that eight nine four nine empire. So we’ll see theythey swung the bat we’ll see what happens.
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