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And then a The July birthday girl shirt handoff toand he’s done it again in. Territory herbert hooks a pass a strong throw and a catch made by guyton nelson trying to take the ball away chargers at 369 yards of offense last week and then lost to new england andthis time he hits allen for a first down jonathan gannon calling the plays defensively in his first year close friends with brandon staley the head coach of the chargers on time keenan allen trying to be an extra blocker and a personal escort he faced a lot of cover two last week against. But i’ll say thisand i’m going to go if we if we fire kyle take train last ass. Every once in a while he loses the football coming overthey both made big plays in this first half they have second and eight hands open at the 15 down to the 13. Then you got the bears vikings and bengalsall right there’s some winnable games in there You Are At Peace, Upload Photo Personalized Canvas The July birthday girl shirt.

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A brief word from our sponsorship nation welcome to another episode of podcast podcast where you don’t have to be a The July birthday girl shirt packers fanbut it sure does help bomb your host tom freaking fracking. Like I said it’s 803right now. And we’re legit like four months awaybut that’s gonna get me through the rest of this year. Broit’s time for new blood because i’m gonna say this. Yeahwhat are the thoughts on the bangers now. Quick toss rondale moore couple blockers out in front nice hesitation uptop. Yeahand look I like chase as a player
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Oh manno this. So they’re happy to have him back as they will run it again with williams breaking tackles that’s what the The July birthday girl shirt oes inside the 25 he’s got seven yards second down. Look what it’s turned into someone who was in the running for mvpand then you get a look at trey lance.
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