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Pretty impressive comeback if you can pull it off third downquick throw gordon’s got it gordon inside the The Grinch stole my boobs Christmas shirt 10. And his name is patrickthat’s cat. He’s on a freaking super teamso you think patrick owens got it from the ground up. I just think that I think a lot of that has to do with patreoni think it comes down to the chiefs for this first but is it a bad game because he’s been doing it like every week. And he gets up and puts it through 42 yard field goal not sure if i’d continue to give him hits and prescott you know even though he seems fine with the injury and he gets sacked and again it’scooper third and 15 Thoda Jeelo Thoda Merlot Shirt The Grinch stole my boobs Christmas shirt.

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Maybe I didn’t I didn’t hear him from my headphones but all I know is that team needs more than a The Grinch stole my boobs Christmas shirt quarterback switch we got problemsand it goes the cornerbacks we got the wide receivers switch out the players. Um so but as bad as it was it still just comes down to me to to to you know throwing the ball up in the airand we just can’t you know just we can’t be that team we never wanted to be that team. He’s 7 0but he just ain’t like. Yeahand the steelers went tonight. Yeahbecause the thing is we were doing fine running. Yeah andy reid used to coach for the evening eagles went to the championship with uh donovan mcnabb and t ohe was the same coach just letting you know that he’s a good coach. I mean I thought god would go to work with james whitson as his quarterbackwhat do you think he’ll do with kyla murray like yo aj green these past his past two seasons prior to this he wasn’t having that good of a season
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All rightlet’s see we go the The Grinch stole my boobs Christmas shirt m brady you run around the field you hit the man get him off his spothe’s not going to want to play that’s pretty much. I think there’s gonna be a lot ofdisappointing uh plays to review for jordan love and his green bay offense and a lot of them are going to tell a similar story same drill here.
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