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I’m a Official Unicorn Mermicorn mermaid unicorn cute T-Shirt long time ford owner I want to share something with ford motor company and I dont know how else to get ahold of you conveniently my wife had an accident yesterday we had terrible driving conditions rain sleet snow this is indiana the slush was inches deep on the road I was driving home and noticed a car coming towards me at a very low rate of speed and I wondered why after he passed I saw that there was an suv maybe a quarter mile ahead that had turned over in someones yard there was no one around so I thought that this had happened earlier in the day as I approached I noticed that the flashers were on and steam was coming from the engine I called 911 explained that I thought somebody might be in the vehicle and gave them the general location as I looked closer I told the dispatcher my god I think thats my wife sure enough it was as I ran around to the drivers side I noticed her head and a hand hanging out the window she was suspended by the seat belt she was scared and upset but said that she thought she was alright the paramedics police and fire department arrived and we got her out of the vehicle she left with one scratch on a finger I want to thank everyone at ford motor company for building such a safe vehicle being able to absorb an impact like that with inflicting no more than a scratch on the occupent when I realized it was my wife I had never been more afraid in my life the firemen even told us how safe that they thought fords were she was driving a 2002 ford explorer thank you so much for building a product better than the set standards you have no idea how grateful I am jeff van pelt churubusco indiana. Ford inspires pride in all sorts of ways what makes you proud I m a 65 year veteran of the ford motor company it s my family hard not to be when you ve been here as long as I have willie fulton jr quality control. I bought a truck since I bought my new truck I ve been answering questions some of you are bewildered that I bought a truck one friend said I would never have guessed that you would bring home a truck fair play I ve always driven cars I ve always liked bmw s mercedes benz genesis g80 and the odd jaguar I must confess that there have been occasions when I have admired a truck and its capability also I saw lieutenant commander mcgarrett on hawaii five o owned a cobalt blue chevrolet 1500 from that moment I began having illusions of myself driving a very similar truck america is a truck culture europe isn t and I suppose we could go into the many reasons why but that will have to wait I have reached my own conclusions on the american truck culture this whole notion of doing things yourself is alive and well in america especially in the mid west americans were and still are pioneers they are a people of get it done for example in the good old days of pioneer farming you had to do things yourself build that house build that fence milk those cows churn that butter store up grain round up that herd and so on you just went straight to the work to get it done my grandmother raised five children during the depression by herself at 50 she threw her sewing machine into the back of a pickup truck and drove from north dakota to california she was a real survivor so that’s my stock that’s how I want my kids to be too michelle pfeiffer the settlers of america were the kind of folks who were very resourceful hardworking courageous and again did things themselves this pioneering spirit is still a strain in the american dna home depot lowes farm fleet atwood s are all good examples of do it yourself stores this is one reason why pick up trucks are popular ford gmc ram and chevrolet all promote their trucks as tough reliable workhorses that can get stuff done there are certainly a variety of other reasons why men in particular own pick up trucks such as the weekend warrior the camper the 5th wheeler the construction guy this list goes on and on yes there are the men who buy them for the testosterone effect my own father in law is an honest testimony to the durability and toughness of the ford f150 I am not overstating this by any measure his truck has been to hell and back in terms of performance for the best of three decades I have sat buckled up knuckles blue from bracing myself for sudden death I hear the old hymn in my head drawing nearer nearer blessed lord afterwards I am still a bit green and speechless as to what just happened how did we survive that one occasion he was 4 wheeling the f150 across farmland creeks rivers ploughed fields etc all of which the truck performed very well then I saw a sizeable ditch that no other mortal would even think about into it we went and yes we got stuck with the passenger front wheel reaching for the sky and the rear driver side wheel at the bottom of the ditch the chassis was balancing on something for depending on which way your shifter your weight the truck leaned back and forth I was speechless for I was trying to understand what went through dad s head seconds before taking that action across the three decades I have never reached any other conclusion other than the man suffers from madness I managed to get out and jump downwards to the dirt and get myself together there is no way we are getting home tonight dad no way this thing is staying here for a long long time I hasten to add that all the time I had two young nephews joey and timothy buckled up in the back seat and they said nothin next I hear him on the phone talking to someone five minutes later a farmer arrives yes in another truck he surmised the situation in a split second and said you really did it this time bob and then he pulls us out of that ditch so yes farmers and their trucks can do the most amazing things on our way home my nerves were wrecked and we were all quietly thinking about heaven that silence was broken by dad billy do you hear a squeaking noise I will leave it there if ford motor company had any idea of this they would use video reels of his antics to sell their trucks no joking here alternatively they may tell him that his warranty no longer applies I hardly think so they would go with first and give him a new truck every year to put through the grueling test my truck is stone blue metallic and has an enormous resume it is considered the crown jewel making a class leading 420 horsepower and towing up to 12 500 pounds when properly equipped an eight speed automatic transmission 6 2l ecotec3 v8 engine 420 hp 5600 rpm 383 lb ft of torque 4100 rpm four wheel drive 20 x 8 5 polished aluminum wheels and capless fuel fill I already hear the question coming at me billy will you ever need these features the answer yes I plan on going and finding places to put these features into action I will need every single horse this baby has to offer someday four wheel drive you know that I will need this for my trip s northern tundra blake shelton said the wussiest thing a guy can do is drive a clean truck dents scratches and mud that’s manly I m not afraid of getting my truck dented and dirty I just want to wait a few years last but not least I can throw my 4 lb poodle into the back and roll

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I’ve really enjoyed my 2013 focus se sedan until about now one wire in the bundle leading to the trunk latch mechanism broke likely due to bending fatigue as the wiring bundle moves along with the trunk lid and the protective sheathing around the bundle came completely off my car is at about 46 000 miles and I doubt this particular area would be covered by warranty I can likely fix this issue myself with a Official Unicorn Mermicorn mermaid unicorn cute T-Shirt splice of copper wire and some electrical tape without much trouble after disconnecting the battery i’m just disappointed that such a simple failure occured after less than 4 years of ownership until it is fixed the only way I can open the trunk is through the emergency pull handle on the inside of the lid after folding down one of the rear seats. Do you see this I have a 2015 ford explorer limited and it looks like this I have called and because i’m out of the 36 000 mile range ford can’t do anything this is crazy oh and this is not the only problem I have with my car the picture does not do it justice I may outraged on the poor quality of this car I went with ford because of the way they make cars guess that poor is their new high standard is anyone else having this problem. Your cruise control display is one horrendously pathetic joke i’ve jad ford all my life and connot wrap my head around the sheer stupidity of the cruise control being unable to change to match mph km everything else is displayed in last ford I get

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