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And forced her to the dance floor. We created a large circle as my entire family serenaded her and raised our glass to her LemongrabUnacceptable Condition Shirt. We even played your song at her funeral as we raised our final glass to her. My sisters and I are trying to attend one of your concerts in Detroit, Pittsburgh, or Cleveland and would love it.

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If we could meet you in celebration of my mom and dedicate Raise Your Glass to her. We hope you see this and take some time to hear our story. We love LemongrabUnacceptable Condition Shirt!! How does one send you something they’d like to share with you.

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My Daughter marching band would like to share their field show with you. They performed three of your song. Get The Party Started, Just A Reason and So What Like seriously the only person i want to meet the only person i have ever wanted to see LemongrabUnacceptable Condition Shirt and in person!!!!!

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