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My mom was at the CMAs last night. Saw her Hey Auntie Shirt in person today, tried to get an autograph for me and she refused. I realize her personal time is her personal time,but still disappointed Oh, well, she’s still my favorite and though I’ve always heard she’s generous with her fans, I guess it just wasn’t my time to get an autograph. But her performance was still great last night and I still think she’s awesome.

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You killed it at the CMA’s tonight! Absolutely loved your song. Was mesmerized by your song and the delivery in your performance. Really loved the intimate setup with your violin, upright base, cello, guitar player and backup vocals. Very cool! Thanks for Hey Auntie Shirt the CMA’s with your performance! Wish I could have heard you. Vocals are not being broadcast. We’re getting what sounds like a room mic. Can’t make out any lyrics.

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Pink I love yr music albums so much! It’s awesome songs you write to put to gether to make an awesome album for yr fans!!! Keep up the great Hey Auntie Shirt!!!! Your born to be awesome and beautiful!!! but why is all the illuminati symbolism coming into your music clips, and your songs are becoming dark.? Hidden behind “love & caring”. All are being deceived . Please Alecia Beth. You have the talent you don’t need the other side. Get back what you gave away.! If the tickets weren’t so ridiculously expensive I could. But, there is no way I can afford it. I love Pink.

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