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Oh let us know if you want to see something I can’t predict I don’t know what to predict it’s just so dumbmaybe the Sufjan Stevens Mouse shirt judge will make the playoffs boys before we get carried on. It feels like it could be the end for sam donald and carolinait certainly does you know you made the joke dubin we all laughed because I have a lot of freaks they’re going to do something. I think there’s gonna be a lot ofdisappointing uh plays to review for jordan love and his green bay offense and a lot of them are going to tell a similar story same drill here Dogecore Death Death Is Coming Eat Trash Be Free Shirt Sufjan Stevens Mouse shirt.

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Tom brady you run around the Sufjan Stevens Mouse shirt field you hit the man get him off his spothe’s not going to want to play that’s pretty much. I mean I thought god would go to work with james whitson as his quarterbackwhat do you think he’ll do with kyla murray like yo aj green these past his past two seasons prior to this he wasn’t having that good of a season. Oh almost got there by josh bynes vikings would have to punt turn it over to lamar and the boys marquis browni got to tell you with the exception of that terrible game in detroit he has been really really good this year
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And now they’re gonna get on the Sufjan Stevens Mouse shirt boardand it’s 13 7. I’mso i’m so lost me too. The falcons had a 98 win probability according tonext gen stats 18 point lead with 10 and a half to go what could go wrong for an atlanta football team.
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