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The bears have roared all the Strong Nurse Pink Shoe way back just extending the play justin fields gets outside of the pocketputs that ball perfectly where only mooney can get it one foot. But we’ll see all right dolphins jets saints I think those three games are winnablethen you got the bucks that’s gonna be such a fun game. It’s hard being a cowboys fanyeah. The thing is the offense was still moving and scoring we had a couple of fumbles on big playsi don’t know that we lost that ball. But okay he was famous for playingbut what was he doing he was an offensive coordinator Purple Rose Cross All Over Print SundayBlessings Store 3D Strong Nurse Pink Shoe.

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He definitely got something sit down behind the Strong Nurse Pink Shoe linehey what’s going on. That’ll be a win uh browns tough lions could go either wayraiders. Yeahexactly so it’s it. Oakland almost burned to the ground there were people on light poles and everything that makes sensemakes sense anyway. And it’s incompletebut joseph has been more reliable than not this season. You’re rushing your kicker on the field depending on how long that play takes nowyou’re in a. Yeahwell they the cardinals put it up without um murray but cole mccoy
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Oh you look at that bill’s buccaneer saints buccaneers that’sthat’s a Strong Nurse Pink Shoe rough ending that is uh. So maybe they felt like they had to to make that worth it for thembut. Ii got no comments about this game tonight and to be honest with.
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