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Good bill steelers will be good chiefs browns would be a Star War characters shirt lot of fun packers saints should bepretty fun um dolphins patriots could be and then yeah. They couldn’t really get it going on offense fora while it took until that that like end of the middle of third quarter for them to get it going again. Andyeah. Okayand then I realized that I didn’t pick the cowboys yet. Cause we keep it short after the game as you know keep themi’m gonna try to take it easy Max Verstappen 2021 F1 Wins Hoodie Aston Martin Sweater Tag Heuer Aston Martin shirt Star War characters shirt.

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What’s the Star War characters shirt eryonei’m your host dake gowee. Go meowhe’s right. You got the chiefs weektwo sunday night football. But he could also turn out to be a return specialist which is more than likely why he was picked herei’m gonna give this pick a c. Yeahhe had 64 yards two teddies. Wowand i. So my prediction for the bears pick is justin fields and after goodell announces the pick i’m going to go over the giants trade andwhat picks they receive they got a future first rounder which is awesome
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I mean it usually is butogan to dry is a Star War characters shirt very solid but very raw prospect however I really really like this pick because of the upside and it gives new defensive coordinator dean pease a moldable piece of clay to work with and potentially develop into a starting edge. That’s a very uh interesting opening game very interestingnot what I expected. I’m noti’m not.
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