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He’s about that lifehe really does this. He just knows a Snoopy come home shirt w to find him every single timeoh here it is. It’s first down and goal driving into the end zoneit’s a touchdown for james connor Sarah Jessica I love Central Park shirt Snoopy come home shirt.

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You know um we got a Snoopy come home shirt great group of guysyou know we all been going through it all taking the same you know scrutiny and stuff for this whole season. That’s a big ass bro have you seen the dude on the ramsaaron donald. This is justin bethel
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Let’s get the Snoopy come home shirt ball backlet’s get the ball back. When you have a year where you’re just hurt the whole seasonyeah. It’s the first vikings kickoff return for a touchdown since cordero patterson five years agoand the vikings are back to a double digit lead on to the fourth.
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