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So we’ll we’ll go back to the other teams for a Scary Old Dude shirt secondbut I i do want to go through and kind of look at from week to week and take a look at the uh at the best games of the week here. Yeahthey played better without hold on the person that played good in cleveland. We get we have comebacksi can’t in front of the browser. Um broyou. Yeahit was clear as day he was like a yard over there U.S Navy Veteran Flag Scary Old Dude shirt.

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You got a Scary Old Dude shirt train trayhe’s got it takes two years for a polished quarterback to learn kyle’s offense unless he’s gonna redesign his offense. Winnable uh bearsi mean bears being the first time captain tour appreciate them take care captain. But yoif it’s your first time here definitely will be your last make sure you kill murder and smash that subscribe button man. Let’s go on ishii andmonday night you got the green bay packers in the detroit lions. But uh until next time i’m blakeand y’all have a good one. And then washington is probably also there just laughing at usthe whole division is laughing at us guys this is terrible. And he’s got itoh what a catch
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You got jalen ramsey uh in your secondary is is going to be an intriguing fight man you said his name is stafford matt stafford that staffer fight tom brady has a Scary Old Dude shirt whole pro bowl team on his sidethis. Is in the gameand he’s down the sideline. His young guys and yo mvp played by them two running backshonestly they look like men amongst boys they when they needed the extra two to five yards.
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