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So the Purdue Boilermakers paint crew Basketball shirt next year you got that sucky defenseand you got. So the bengals pick is in and they’re obviously either going to take or shouldn’t say obviously they should probably either be taking swell or chaseand if I had to predict one right now as roger goodell is walking up to the stage I would say sowell because you know it’s the o line and their wide receiver group. Picks up 11 into the nickels second down in four for kong. Looked like he was surfing the bodiesso he never officially went down and looked like he extended the ball past the line to gain to convert stretch coming up for baltimore second and six past the sticks first down there’s. I’m over here in pennsylvaniaand I can smell a stench from the stadium Stevie Nicks stand back shirt Purdue Boilermakers paint crew Basketball shirt.

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But we’re finding ways to get wins defense is playing great football special teams are doing a Purdue Boilermakers paint crew Basketball shirt great job and then until we until we find that that same mojo that we’ve had for so long we’re still battling through guys are stepping up making plays to win football gamescan you take us through that one. But we’re gonna look we’re gonna go throughi don’t care about any of this. I thought he was a guy that was a mix of aj brown michael thomasa guy that is maybe 6 2 210 215 pounds that can play that physical style. Take off lamar take off lamaryour. Okayhere we go all right. A flick of the wrist is going to get the ball downfield you have to do as much as possible to deter himyou’re not going to deter him on this run. Jackson rifles it for brown and a first down as he makes the grab at the 30 yard line a pickup of 20 vikings show some pressure now jackson throws wide
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Sarah says I mi a Purdue Boilermakers paint crew Basketball shirt errell brown. So i’ll look for youoh. If you go bring a piece of cardboard not only for your tucus but also for your feet uh because that concrete just sucks the heat right out of youbring some like one of those like those hot packs that you put in your boots and in your uh and your gloves.
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