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Brono he was playing a President Trump 2024 I’ll be back shirt ‘s playing very well. James pierre putting a shoulder into that footballand it’s the kicker boswell who had all the contact he wanted. I called it the wholei said yo come back here for the past two years in nfl pacquiao has done stuff we’ve never seen a quarterback. Uh his picks are getting overlooked man he’s starting a lot of interceptions this yearyeah. Yeahjackson had two ints darnold threw three picks and what’s going on coach Off the hook pain Brock Lesnar T-shirt President Trump 2024 I’ll be back shirt.

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I’m yesokay now now this is what I want you to stop doing rumble. J a President Trump 2024 I’ll be back shirt y judysecond year out of the out of alabama back last week from a hamstring I said hamstring by the way it was an ankle injury that kept him out from week one until last week. This one just dropped off nice catch by dylan and now rumbling down inside the 25 of course bagnolo he likes to dial some things up down here and incomplete frank clark was coming off the edge absolutely unblocked. One of you all have to answer for this piss poor why we keep running away from me because the thing that pissed me off about cal training hand he does the same crap if you want if he calls a run play on the first downand it gets uh stuff where there’s a uh whatever uh uh tag report loss whatever guess what he abandons a run and everything after that pass fast pass and the thing about jimmy g what his issue is with high passes. Just where’s the push off just a nudge and then 81 onthe star no saying. We’re going to doi have people talk about this a lot. Here’s fields throwing on the run and snuck it into a tight window to cole comet called alan robinson from the 15 fields trying to set it up for montgomery needs a block and has some santos from 22 a touchdown for chicago as well here’s roethlisbergernow looks like they had
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We need you to be a President Trump 2024 I’ll be back shirt great runner that the amount the volume of plays that they are asking him to be a star is incrediblenow they help him down here on the goal line we talked about this they move for card they end up confusing the defense for the vikings they don’t pass it off. I meanyeah. I e tight end and quarterbackthere’s no doubt in my mind.
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