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So he does have some ta the Patrick Mahomes Kansas City Shirt from upsidebut i’m with bucky. Are you watching them jerry third and goal they need itthey need it. And then I mean you got the cardinals the chiefs the seahawks the vikingsthe rams. I give this pig an a in the third roundthe atlanta falcons picked up jalen mayfield offensive tackle out of michigan who was one of the most versatile offensive linemen and the draft many in the nfl apparently believe that he will be a better guard in the nfl but mayfield is a player that the falcons could potentially move all around the offensive line. Yesbut you gotta let an offensive coordinator call your place Green Bay Packers Abbey Road 2021 Shirt Patrick Mahomes Kansas City Shirt.

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So we should have been jumping upwe should have been uh blind pretty much man coverage jumping on them and not giving them a Patrick Mahomes Kansas City Shirt lot of cushions because there was times when oh mccoy left the pocket. I don’t really show thatbut oh you hated me. So I have the draft pulled up on the espn website on my computer right hereso I will be recording my reaction to these pics. We didn’t really get to him like we should havei feel you know missed a few sacks out there. I just don’t these are top threei think they’re both top three teams. Well it’s odell’s faultor it’s baker’s fault. All right manall right man let’s get into this show right now
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This Season will Presents Who Love: Kansas City

And I would love for the Patrick Mahomes Kansas City Shirt falcons to win that game thereyou go. ‘s just flashingyeah. The best right look down thereyou go.
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