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Really solid day matt ryan to carson wentzremember on thursday carson played well on thursday night uh huh you can vote at nfl com fedex and then on the ground jonathan taylor a Nike Just do it floral shirt monster night on thursday night against that’s just talking about nick chubb doing it on only 14 carries and james connors tonight. It’s cousins to adam feeling who’s pretty quiet except for maybe a little shove off andthe toe drags swag burleson. That’s a great catch shoestringyeah. Another onei just can’t exactly explain. But you know that prescott last year broke his ankle and had to do this and woke uphe couldn’t walk off the field and he came back and put up for something but bro the cleveland browns when have you ever seen them when have you ever seen them play that gun in your life Jerry Remy fight club shirt Nike Just do it floral shirt.

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What’s that deadface mask. Jonathan taylor goodbye touchdown indy as he crossed the tape a an Nike Just do it floral shirt e goal linedo you bring an extra rusher from this second level here. Though first quarter first drivethat’s ambitious right there. Or we’re gonna go to their stadiumand they’re gonna give us their best shot. Oh for a moment it looked like higginshad it but ward helped break it up right here because you have a chance. Did you watch tom brady this weeki. It’s my wrong way to jersey 20 timesno
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All I can say to you is um we over here at tom brady nation um we all are in the Nike Just do it floral shirt business of championshipsso whenever you guys want to talk championships please don’t talk to that man. We’re about to flywe are in the end zone. This counts as a first down and a touchdown for le’veon bell though every time I see 17 in a ribbon’s uniformi think it’s mike wallace ravens are up by seven but here comes cuz third and.
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