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Uh oh kick meoh. They went with chaseoh my gosh the Mom says his name is Patrick shirt jamar chase obviously. And he sure has proven himself today connor with the catch just pinballing off tacklers down and make these teams tough to beat down the stretch benjamin going nowhere dj jones right there working from the 20 yard line garoppolo throws it short and garoppoloand it’s intercepted picked off by buddha baker and baker. I reorder my doordash bro matthew 34 bro. Yeahlamar jackson Loki Helmet Variant shirt Mom says his name is Patrick shirt.

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Yeahi mean honestly how much money do you think was lost on people betting on the Mom says his name is Patrick shirt bills over the jags like crap. It’s josh allen interceptingjosh allen mahomes flips pass caught kelsey touchdown kansas city. Packers buccaneers 49ers steelersthen they got to buy. That’s what i’m saying that’s what i’m saying averagetheir receivers did pretty average the broncos just did well a lot of that. Kyla murray is really about that life they’re gonna goeat. Then the packers then the 49ers again panthers all rightthey should be able to but could be a tougher team this year. Yeahcan you go drive again
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This Season will Presents Who Love: Patrick

Bro you gotta hold ityeah. Heyand i’m ac the Mom says his name is Patrick shirt y caring about myself. Shut up aaron rodgers bro yo without all the hits by receivers but all of his his uh options man he was able to do ityou see he has some miscues out there with.
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