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You got the Mo Salah running down the wing shirt first you got lamarokay you’re gonna take the run. Bro i’ve been lookingthat’s why oh that was. Broyou have 4 2 speed bro. But we know how important an offensive line is in football and when you’re rebuildingyou know you want to make sure a quarterback. But i’m worried about the guys in our locker roomi’m proud of these guys how they were able to focus up despite all the that was going on this week and Eagle USA Proud American 3D Hoodie Mo Salah running down the wing shirt.

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A touchdown mahomes chase gary didn’t get there pass caught f a Mo Salah running down the wing shirt t down kansas city formidable green bay packers teamthere’s no question and coming off last week’s win against arizona. Likethat’s legit like from going from the eagles then getting a team with all that time and actually getting a team that goes to superbowl and wins. Yeahthat’s what i’m saying bro joe montana’s coach. Right now they are working those ballsbro right on cue joe. That’s late to the flatyou can’t do that. Oh waiti don’t understand what that’s talking about. It wasn’t until like that final drive that they finally scored rightso neither of them had a good game
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Josh allen meet josh allen don’t come down to duvall county if you ain’t readyit’s hot down there now a Mo Salah running down the wing shirt pair of number seven overall picks named allen. He’ll try a 32 yard attempt to extend the new york giant lead little win to deal with and it goes 20 16 new yorkwe didn’t have time we didn’t have time to show them all. Wow across the board roll out of it nazi harrisnice patient run look at this.
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