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Yeahyeah. So I give respect to people that have to the Mariah The Scientist shirt up to the height on top of itand that’s why you have to put respect on pageant homes. What do you say y’all. But he’s out inside the 30 as the coupe chance rained down here in arlington cooper coming on pressure again now up the middle prescott in trouble looking for someone gonna take off and run on that catmakes a move. He’s got him touchdown with that onebut again it’s robinson and robertson’s Mom says his name is Patrick shirt Mariah The Scientist shirt.

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Though first a Mariah The Scientist shirt arter first drivethat’s ambitious right there. Yeahi gained a game down from second and third place which right now our playoffs. Uh your quarterback is playing zeke got banged up likeso it’s just a lot of injuries and then defensively they weren’t there to hold you down if that makes it. And he’s gothis tight end rudolph who caught a touchdown pass the other night in kansas city. Here we gocome on. Well technically this wasn’t a fully healthy cardinalyeah. And then he can get the number one spotagain you guys see a light beaming on me by the way it’s the sun
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And they come over to come backi’ve never seen more comebacks than this kid a Mariah The Scientist shirt my life. There’s claypool dancing around bears rushing forward roethlisberger throws a little back shoulderand it is caught. Yeahit’s just not you need something more flashy to get someone that’s not interested in football and passion with home like what we just seen.
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