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He’ll do it hurts with a Let’s Go Brandon Amarica Flag shirt little bonus approaching the six minute mark of the fourth scott in the backfieldhurts. And it’s kind of shocking because they only had positive yards receiving with three players watkins gutter and smithand it’s kind of shocking they throw the three players and then put up that many points and like their offense wasn’t insane because the first quarter chargers dominated but they didn’t put out the points for it then the second quarter the eagles were just doing their thing. But you know what I after watching all over the nflyou know most quarterbacks do that I don’t. I really really love this pick and pitswas who I was personally hoping for I know a lot of falcons fans wanted justin fields or trey lance both of which who were phenomenal quarterback prospects. Another one this lead real quick doubled up on these Ole Miss 20202 EGG Bowl champions Ole Miss Rebels Mississippi State 31 24 shirt Let’s Go Brandon Amarica Flag shirt.

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We’ll see it the pesky new england patriots are coming up next week and as damian said in this week to week league you just never know what in the world you’re gonna get the one thing you can always expect to get is a Let’s Go Brandon Amarica Flag shirt lights out performance from miles garrett who after the game stopped by withour kimberly amor baker addressed the team before the game he did. What broi hope he does resign that that’d be great for us. Holds this time but it slips through the fingers of george kittle third and 10 at the 11 draw play to connor. Can they catch him from behindthey will not touch down new england. I don’t think it’s a question of a problem I just think it didn’t workand everybody just has to say it’s okay. But like if you want to play for the number one seed you got to win that gameit’s not the 16th. Got the catchand he’s out of bounds at the one colt
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Oh mygoodness damn. I’m sorryi’m just so lost right now. Well good thursday night gamei’ll stream this one rams versus seahawks in week five.
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