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Let me tel the King Kofi Slam shirt somethingyou know what I love. Can you do the giantsyeah. I don’tyou know I don’t know what they’re going to do with that all right Lucy The Chocolate Is Calling And I Must Go Vintage Shirt King Kofi Slam shirt.

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Wow very very very very impressed with the colts but remember it’s versatile jets I want to get excitedi’m going to hold back a King Kofi Slam shirt little bit who do they play next week. Why is I don’t know why auntie dawson is still startingbro. We’ll have that mahomes of course with the opposition when he takes the mic after the game we’ll hear from him as well dak is back as welland i’m sure if you were watching us earlier or watching the game
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I’m not gonna liei feel like. Noi’m saying time play another one. I think that’s probably the biggest disappointment when y a King Kofi Slam shirt look at you know some of the things that he did now he got into a bit of a rhythm very late in the football gamebut this is a good example.
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