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Maybe it’syou know the Kennywood racer don’t stand up shirt cohesiveness wasn’t there. Oh megatronlet’s go kyler. Yeahis it confirmed. That’stoday they got he has two minutes. The green bay packers they on a six game win streakbro I’m fine Matthew West signature shirt Kennywood racer don’t stand up shirt.

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You’reyou’re not wrong. H a Kennywood racer don’t stand up shirt do you figure this is a crazy year i’ll tell you how crazy it istwo weeks ago the bengals were the number one seed at the end of week seven in the afc receive and here we go week nine. Nahthey couldn’t the only reason why you had 15 seconds. All rightthen we got all right. How’s you thoughhow do I know what he’s like miss cleo. Let’s see hey people people are saying a little sound sound about that right off the batso let’s go cleveland browns. They came withthey came with a great game plan for the people that they had on that field
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It was pretty quiet except for maybe a Kennywood racer don’t stand up shirt little shove off andthe toe drag swag burleson we’re tied at 31 headed to overtime where the ravens win the toss they get the ball first lamar looking for patrick ricard. All rightthey had no run game at all dude. So we’ll see how this first couple series goes this timeit is a fake and he delivers on target to the former minnesota golden gopher at that safety spot next to xavier woods boy incomplete for marquis brown jackson.
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