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I like thatwhat do you guys got an Jesus Is Born Door Cove canvas extra point when I do 14 piece. It was cover twocomes down to play the flat great job great great execution by the titans defense but let’s remember this team the first six weeks that defense did not look good they were giving up a ton of points now they’ve started tightening things up. We go into officewe gotta come out with a win today. You seebosa just stripped that thing for arizona and. We had some cash money riding on you get the money as your survivor pitchers survive reportsbro if I did not pick the chargers Kenosha Doom Parody Kyle Rittenhouse shirt Jesus Is Born Door Cove canvas.

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What’s good manyou are now back. So it’s like. You know after practices coming together for an hou a Jesus Is Born Door Cove canvas nd finding out we’ll run for runsbut like as a whole. I want to know I mean to be honest with youi can’t answer that question because I don’t know how a team in the national football league can be better without a really good player right now. Pretty boring gameoh what a really not boring game which was the chargers and eagles in my opinion. I don’t know how I feel about himi think he’s a good player. Whatever you knowyeah
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I know they gave up more than 30 last week in that win in indianapolisbut still they seem to be putting things together and if they can take care of business in the south and get henry back for a Jesus Is Born Door Cove canvas playoff run. Jerry’s is back to my boy jerry’s back manyeah. Over 3 100 people in this crazy stream feel free to like and subscribe as we’re going through the best gamesbut i’m telling you.
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