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How do you figure this is a Je ne suis pas Anti Social Mug crazy year i’ll tell you how crazy it istwo weeks ago the bengals were the number one seed at the end of week seven in the afc receive and here we go week nine. I don’t know if we lost that game offensivelythat should have been one fumble that we had. If anything umwe know we’ve been. We also got latest movies too like black widow space jam conjuring suicide squad the list goes on andthe elite subscription currently is 16 off. It feels like it could be the end for sam donald and carolinait certainly does you know you made the joke dubin we all laughed because I have a lot of freaks they’re going to do something Limited Edition Circle Ornament Je ne suis pas Anti Social Mug.

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You could tune in to the jaguars versus bills game and know that the jaguars have a Je ne suis pas Anti Social Mug chance to win thatyeah. You know if you look if anyone who’s watched the bills the one thing that you take away from the the buffalo bills they are two one dimensional in my opinionas great as josh allen is his quarterback both throwing the ball and running the ball. How’s you thoughhow do I know what he’s like miss cleo. I’m noti’m not. And he didn’t turn aroundbut that’s a rookie mistake on aj green though because in situations like that you got to know that there’s going to be a jump ball in the end zone. He’s got him touchdown with that onebut again it’s robinson and robertson’s. Soyeah
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It was pretty quiet except for maybe a Je ne suis pas Anti Social Mug little shove off andthe toe drag swag burleson we’re tied at 31 headed to overtime where the ravens win the toss they get the ball first lamar looking for patrick ricard. Here we gocome on. Please stream the jaguars bengals thursday night game benwhy do you hate me why do you hate me buddy.
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