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And he’s brought down in space by tavon younghalfway through the fourth jackson on the ravens in a I don’t run I reload shirt tie game start with a pass to brown in space and brown breaks the boy tackle that was a little oklahoma texas red river match up right there and marquis brown got the best freeman trying to find the soft spot in the defense tight ends full back. Wow adamthat’s offensive. Mr hill too much call of duty last nightwhat’s going on what’s going on mr hill Iron Maiden Dark Ink Powerslaves shirt I don’t run I reload shirt.

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Ohand I don’t I don’t know if they were because watching it. He goes carlos watkins got home for the sack pollard in the game for the first time an offense gonna get it bursting up the middle and dallas has beenrelatively healt a I don’t run I reload shirt four man rush prescott prestor comes stays on his feet has a completion. Andbut they took it from us and gave it back to them saying it wasn’t a fumble
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What were you saying to yourself what did you say to your teammates to get them back in the I don’t run I reload shirt game in the second half not reallyyou know um just stay poised. What that’s what you call that uh I saw what you did thereno. Nono.
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