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Running behindwyatt teller johnson comes into the I Do What I Want Hooded shirt backfield on third and four mayfield to the end zone and it’s over the head of upper. Then we got d18 done i’m looking forward to the top three draft pickand we got the rams. This is justin bethel. Obviously our worst of the year and ton of credittheir last four games all wins they’ve taken care of the bills the chiefs the colts. I didn’t like him for number three at san francisco in terms of what the move wasbut I thought he would probably have some success in san francisco because of kyle shanahan and some of the weapons that were in place To My Granddaughter Pillow I Do What I Want Hooded shirt.

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They doyeah. Fourth and nine cousins justin jefferson moving the chains get out of bounds and then two pla a I Do What I Want Hooded shirt later with a buckoh six left. A win at washingtona loss at baltimore six minutes to go in the third hertz downfield hits devonta smith he was grabbed by the foot. And I love to see itnext game. Yeahthey’re definitely going to ask them they did what they’ve been doing losing. Why they going for two points early too like they’re good creepy got ityou got it. Here’s mixing here’s mixon still going got the corner and gets shoved out but not until he got at midfield
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He still had rental cobbokay. It’s got the I Do What I Want Hooded shirt roh I think he had that corner. But I mean you’re because you’re young the first touchdown he scoredwas him.
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