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We’ll be back week twoi’m not sure. But when I created my mock draft I guess I didn’t think thatbut yeah chargers are on a Have Yaself A Wicked Merry Christmas Shirt e clock justin herbert going into a second year. It’s marcus golden with his seventh sack of the yearemily plays across from nick bosa and a quick toss christian kirk breaking a tackle starting at their own 32 yard line garoppolo to throw over the middle. That’s catthat’s cap now. Oh nice faceokay why did he dive so forward Fua ca ta the sound it makes when you get smacked with a Chancleta shirt Have Yaself A Wicked Merry Christmas Shirt.

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Great and yo kyler murray the Have Yaself A Wicked Merry Christmas Shirt like thatlike yo. Aaron rodgers f herei keep hearing so much stuff about how he might be suspended. I was thinking about it at the way into maybe switchbut I was like nah. And you just kind of look around at your division opponents and how the game of football is played when you face them twice a yearyeah. These are the hot highlights you didn’t know you needthis is nfl fox where we all hail the epic fair. Righti. Man check out the link down belowdo that and make sure you check us out on rttv vlogs our second channel where we have podcast skits gaming much much more and follow us on rttv5 on twitch where we stream all the newest video games like nba2k22 buddy yo
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Uh I think we all liked no longeri mean. He is impressive pressure coming mccoy rush floats it out to connor blockers in fr the Have Yaself A Wicked Merry Christmas Shirt irst down and more connor turning on the speed looking over his shouldernobody’s going to catch him. That’s all youthey know him too much money he’s not going anywhere.
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