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I’m so excited manthis week man we had some great football go a Grian Waffle Head shirt on man tom brady and. And then we’re gonna go to the other ones all rightlet’s take a gander here. The chargers lead two seconds left on the clockhe is impressive pressure coming mccoy rush floats it out to connor blockers in front first down and more connor turning on the speed looking over his shoulder. Deandre he’s being a one on a one on one because in that situation it would have been a one on one situation deandre hopkins in a one on one situation he’s winningyeah. This is likethis is their thing Irish by blood American by birth patriot by choice shirt Grian Waffle Head shirt.

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It’sit’s a Grian Waffle Head shirt good feeling. But they have the most basic helmets in historybro you gotta hold it. Are they going to give him a lot more carries even if saquon comes back next week because he’s so injury prone if you have a good one kind ofmakes sex uh running back. Here’s dallashow do they answer prescott. Late in the fourth nobody’s had more running back problems in the entire league than the ravens with all the injuriesle’veon bell is one of a cavalcade of guys that stepped in and the ravens have the lead less than two minutes to go. You ain’t now backrt rttv baby. It’s your boy dceagles fashion
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Our defense didn’t play that well but look at the Grian Waffle Head shirt look at the the time possession arizona had the ballat least 35 to 30 um eight minutes. Yeahi believe and moving forward. The final 13 7 it just goes final all rightso tim let’s just go right to it.
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