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I don’t care if you lose by one point you lose by 20 they’re repeating they went to the Good Ass Tekken Kazuya Shirt players and they lost regardless and who they lose to the chiefs and then who they lose to right now so at the end of the day when I see the browns versus the chief it’s just predictable. He foundoh that’s what I usually do. That to cedric wilson vic fangio made his bones on defense obviously they traded von millerso who thought they’d have this sort of performance post von teddy to tim patrick and the cowboys team Metrodome Minneapolis Minnesota Shirt Good Ass Tekken Kazuya Shirt.

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You gotta take offr the Good Ass Tekken Kazuya Shirt er bro he got in that. Huh damn helmetsyeah. You know we’ve been the two straight super bowls 1 1and you know every team that we play is gonna come in here
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Oh t a Good Ass Tekken Kazuya Shirt ific playemmanuel mosley four man rush for san francisco mccoy is in trouble mccoy goes down eric armstead third and 18. It’s a silly callright now. He still hasn’t lost to an nfc opponent as a starter he is 12 0 there great to have you inwe’re gonna do this for the next oh 58 minutes.
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