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He had an open receiver and just unable to get the ball to him so third down to nine mahomes slings it kelsey with a Football Helmet Orlando Predators shirt catch opportunity for this green bait team and their defense as they hand anda first down plus williams rumbles into packer territory. But the number two player I wanted the giants to draft was smithand oh my gosh devonta smith. It’syou know you’re gonna get trolled. This defense yo come on baby. He’ll try a 32 yard attempt to extend the new york giant lead little win to deal with and it goes 20 16 new yorkwe didn’t have time we didn’t have time to show them all Rip Sidney Poitier 1927-2022 Thank You For The Memories shirt Football Helmet Orlando Predators shirt.

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Oh waiti don’t understand what that’s talking about. What prompted that after your touchdown I lo a Football Helmet Orlando Predators shirt d up in the stands and then front rowall I saw was a woman giving me the double bird. Yeahthat’s what i’m saying bro joe montana’s coach. It’s a fumbleand it is rule recovery texans. It was like with like a minute 30left. Oh my god yes get the old ass. You got the first you got lamarokay you’re gonna take the run
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But I did a Football Helmet Orlando Predators shirt little research and this guy seems like an absolute beasti think he may turn out to be a mid round still for the falcons I give this pick a b with the second pick or yeah. Oh the browns are playing right nowgod damn. They’re two fouls during the dead ball unsportsmanlikeconduct defense number 26 haunting.
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