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Everybody was hooray right a Football Denver Broncos Go Broncos shirt yyou know we. Maybe we should do thatyou know maybe you know if we try this to try that you know. Obviously teddy hasn’t been a turnover guy part of thatis um you know when you fall behind and you’re throwing and you’re throwing it a lot that’s the risk you run. Like they were obvious you were gonna lose themwas there someone upstairs telling you different on the first one we weren’t getting a good look. Just let’s run it right backyou know if you beat me in cars. I know they got off to the the quick start scoring on the first drive but kind of started from there and also just teddy’s performance with the four turnovers todayyeah. You know we just got to focus on on our jobwe got to do what we do we got to trust each other

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You know everybody’s a Football Denver Broncos Go Broncos shirt little bit open to suggestionyou know people start uh you know thinking maybe we should do this. Great great cornersgreat safety. Bryce callahan justin simesacking over in time each defensive back kind of had their moment there where it just wasn’t good enoughand it’s hard to win football games when you give up that many deep plays there’s a valiant effort from this offense late here in the game however too little too late a lot of turnovers on that side of the ball today. It’s not the team or the pastwhere you know we we were thinking like. And it starts withit starts with me. I think I know the game just ended butdo you have any updates on alexander johnson and garrett. We didn’t make them on offense when we had our opportunitiesand they made them with their offense when they had their opportunities
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You know if I can do bet an Football Denver Broncos Go Broncos shirt hat’ll make everybody else drive. And it’s no better time to do itwe got 96 hours to get it done. You know once you become an unbalanced offense the chance of throwing interceptions goes up goes up andand they went up in this game. How do you keep the confidence of this group uh level and are you surprised at all defensively the number of big plays against you guys given that you said the personnelyeah. That’s just that’s just mentaleverybody know what we have to do to win football games you know. So I can get a wini want another shot at it super quick. That’s all I know how to doit’s already hard enough to look at this and look at that and try to fix this I got to do better.
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Okay if we had this or had that we could you know be able to do thisor we could be able to compete that’s not the Football Denver Broncos Go Broncos shirt case. A rival can you kind of articulate to them like what happened given the circumstancethe context of this game. Obviously you know I think that was a major point in the game when they threw it down the fielddeepFootball Denver Broncos Go Broncos shirt 1

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