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I mean we’ve never actually can’t find the Florida Gators Dad A Son’s First Hero A Daughter’s First Love Pantera reunion doesn’t surprise me. Yeah thanks for watching Undisputed fans subscribe here to get the very latest from Skip and Shannon plus go watch a few segments from our other shows on FS1 well how about this Chiefs defense really doing great work on the Cincinnati Bengals offense you know I don’t even think the Bengals played that bad and we’re going to talk about some good plays uh they made in this one because I didn’t think they made some good plays but at the end of the day you know Chris Jones was amazing this one and her defensive line was amazing in this one and that’s a lot of what we’re going to talk about so instead of talking about what we’re going to talk about let’s just talk about it uh so yeah let’s just gonna do it let’s start off with what we have to start off with one of the biggest things about this game was the. Yeahit’s a bigger than a little.
Florida Gators Dad A SonAbsolutely wow you said you’re you’re uh you’re you’re best in their scenario LSU women take down Dawn Staley and burrow gets to the Florida Gators Dad A Son’s First Hero A Daughter’s First Love Super Bowl Gamecock ladies and Joe burrow wins the Super Bowl assistant if it is Cincinnati let’s say Cincinnati gets there in this versus the Eagles who winsoh I mean I I want to see it I haven’t seen much of the Eagles. It’s because he’s assisting more buckets that are actually going in when the team doesn’t solely have to rely on him for everything I just think that he gets to play more natural really if they need him to take over he’s more than capable of doing that obviouslybut he’s just continuing to grow and I think having the pressure off of them helps I think motivation’s a factor for him. But i’m afraid this is the radical in this competition so i’m gonna have to take some points off listen turtle tortoise whatever you’ve had your funbut I think you and I both know who made the cut and who didn’t you didn’t aim for effort and everything you gave it your best shot maybe i’ve got a gold star sticker around here somewhere you can have but seriously go home you’re starting to creep me out.

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But this was its lowest point I the Florida Gators Dad A Son’s First Hero A Daughter’s First Love k by far and there’s going to have to be some repercussions for it yeah. And then you got reader pushing the pocket from insideyeah. No they’re the size of regular people the irish fairies of old gaelic tradition just looked like people we’re gonna break news with this interview I think this is a big deal for the most part here in america we do far more on saint patty’s day than the irish do back on the emerald isle just ask this irishman all the americans are over hereoh my god I loved it.Florida Gators Dad A SonOkayokay. But but again it’s also it’s almost like Steven Spielberg used to talk about when he would he would write hi a Florida Gators Dad A Son’s First Hero A Daughter’s First Love lf into a cornerand he would say basically you you’d write the character into a situation that he couldn’t get out of and he’d say it was like painting yourself into a corner and he would say sometimes the only way to get out of that is to run so quickly through the wet paint then you hope no one’s going to see your Footprints and I feel like in both of those cases that’s. But this is going to be a dog fight this is going to be a rock fight this is going to be an all out brawl and blood will be spilled because the talent level on both rosters is fantastic you look at what the niners have at that running back spot Christian McCaffrey was finally healthy finalists for comeback player of the year he totaled nearly 2 000 all purpose yards this year he had only played in 16 combined games in 2021 and in 2020 Elijah Mitchell a great backup running back Kyle uzek an excellent in full back and Jordan Mason very good number three back who can be a short down guy but Kyle Shanahan has really gone with the two running back rotation in the playoffs so far this Eagles secondary Darius Slay James Bradberry what do you got against the plethora of weapons at that spot for San Francisco when we talk about wide receiver Debo Samuel is the yak King he leads all players in yards after the catch and it’s coming into the league in 2019.

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