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But it’s an outstanding readand it’s a Everything I Like Is Either Illegal good job of getting there by lamar. So it’s like. Well elijah was slick today toobut you as I said you can’t get down 14 points. Yeahthe vikings got a pick on like the 50 in overtime didn’t they. Sorry gonna bring some pressure another flag comes in complete to deontay johnson middle of the fielda couple times the harris David Goggins you don’t know me son shirt Everything I Like Is Either Illegal.

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Mm hmmall right youtube uh green green glass full says did you see o j simpson’s video saying the Everything I Like Is Either Illegal niners need desean watson or dak. I ami am. They had latavius murrayhe’s out. And they came in here and were more prepared for this game and uh did a great jobdid better than we did and just beat us plain and simple time to play. Yeahhey i’ll stand behind my brother. I know they gave up more than 30 last week in that win in indianapolisbut still they seem to be putting things together and if they can take care of business in the south and get henry back for a playoff run. Y’all make sure y’all keep it like that toobut we back with another video man today we got the 7 0 arizona cardinals as you can tell my man
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Look they’re going to be a Everything I Like Is Either Illegal passing team they have one of the most talented quarterbacks in the gameand they should run josh allen. Or we’ll be tougheryep. He’s wide open what the hell that’s destroying jackson shout out to deshawn jackson34 years old.
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