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I knowbut i’m just saying he put him on a Detroit Motorcade shirt 20. I’m playing kyriethat’s what he called. My twitter handle is at it’s lauren russmy instagram is it’s lauren russell and the channel’s instagram and twitter and tick tock and all of that. Left for us stayhealthy man. It’s gonna work ready to pounce out of the way quickly up in the airand it’s stolen again Cat If You Want Me To Control My Temper You Need To Control Your Stupidity Shirt Detroit Motorcade shirt.

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I knowi know he’s not your pro the Detroit Motorcade shirt anymore. Waitwe’re 15 minutes away from the individual teams releasing their schedules and. Than not too that’s a fact to drop thisoh yeah. The nfl on fox where pollard’s gonna take it out from his own end zone up to the 20 powers still going up across the 35 at a spin pollard to midfield what a return to energize this crowd and a start for dallas impressive bridgewater gregory coming on the rush block going deep gunning it deep for patrickhe’s got it for the touchdown telling us they’re capable of travon diggs. Yeahi don’t care about tom brady. Trader wave on miller run rebuildyeah. But he does have enough for a first down to the 25 yard line they go empty with hurts he’s going to call his own number hurts first down to the 10 hurts making sure everybody’s on the same page
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Your third incomplete ravens force a Detroit Motorcade shirt puntso here comes lamar who had a hundred yard rushing day and also solid through the air hits marquis brown one of his nine snags for 117. No he’s not about that lifeyes you’re bullying the defense which you cannot catch. And that’s gonna be picked off at the 24 by bayern forthe touchdown kingdom keeps nice fake to the end zone nearly picked out of bounds with beckham.
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