Dave Portnoy Coat-Tail Ryders shirt

Dave Portnoy Coat-Tail Ryders shirt 1

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Listeni think tim can agree with this as well. No ah chiefs brohe said you know. Oh we outoh I only love my Jays and my momma I’m sorry shirt Dave Portnoy Coat-Tail Ryders shirt.

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If you don’t say he’s number one at this pointbro. Your whole offense grand gano has take field goals today of 35 and 32 and this from 38 to extend the lead waller made the a Dave Portnoy Coat-Tail Ryders shirt tch picking up three second down seventh wall or a chipand then they go down as he runs the route and takes it up to the 47 yard line picking up 19. We’ll see it the pesky new england patriots are coming up next week and as damian said in this week to week league you just never know what in the world you’re gonna get the one thing you can always expect to get is a lights out performance from miles garrett who after the game stopped by withour kimberly amor baker addressed the team before the game he did
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I’ll give you that boybut here’s my thing yo top five top five top five in the Dave Portnoy Coat-Tail Ryders shirt nfl right now. Uh you’re going to want jump on everyone else but not the samethey have one great defensive game all season. It’s crazy because every time I watch football I always think like in another lifey’all would have been reacting to me real.
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