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They are very sticky as we like to say in the Custom Family Christmas Flag business on to the fourth denver’s up 19 0 looking to add moreit’s bridgewater who threw for 249 going up and over or underneath and through that he’s in there good job by teddy b randy gregory not pleased at all and then dak looking for cd later on fourth and seven but. But what did hehe’s an offensive coordinator he really does you got to think about it. Mahomes throws pass caught defense makes a play darnell savage exactly what the packers needed with their young quarterback and jones gets to the edge first down plus toss to jones running right now running left and brought down from behind love over the middle adams. You gooh. Oh that’s a good pass yo yo yoyou see the legs rod run it straight Vietnam Veteran Custom Shirt Sometimes I Look Back On My Life And I’m Seriously Impressed I’m Still Alive shirt Custom Family Christmas Flag.

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There’s never a Custom Family Christmas Flag doubt justin tucker man that’s what he does you want to give him a chip shot it’s over thisis the third game this season the third game this season that the vikings have either won or lost on the final kick. Time broone more time like what the hell how many bro from the seven take yards lamar don’t throw that don’t throw that what are you doing don’t throw that oh they’re getting fancy. Oh yeahi’m not gonna lie that play action. So those reports today were right trey lance number threeoverall he’s a guy who has a super high ceiling. Ward to the housestared him down stared him down the whole time denzel ward read his eyes. There’s the pass walker unable to keep him short of the first score sport another throw to the near sideand it’s a catch by higgins cincinnati’s 20th snap in this opening quarter. The past few weeks manyou know I felt good
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We’re trying to take number one in the Custom Family Christmas Flag afc westget paxton homes out of here man every time he’s wearing that. Yeahthese things get. It’s just fun watching them play every weekyeah.
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