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But yoif it’s your first time here definitely will be your last make sure you kill murder and smash that subscribe button man. That’s why they lost mike white’s dudejosh johnson played incredible he did. Yes I can don’t you worry all rightso it seems Conservative Confuse A Liberal Use Facts Shirt Cost Nothing To Be Mean Shirt.

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Cool jacobs had 76 yards ken and drake had 30 a Cost Nothing To Be Mean Shirt they had over 100 overall but raiders are another weird team man. But uh until next time i’m blakeand y’all have a good one. So like you look at weekthree and week four they stand out
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I mean it’s likejust hand it. So then we’ll go for two just gonna ha the Cost Nothing To Be Mean Shirt to elliott who is it for the two point conversionso dallas won’t get shut out today. I think that was their plan to spread it out evenly because you know they relied so heavily on derrick henrylike yeah.
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