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And we’re going to dig into that we’ll hear from josh alleni should specify we’ll hear from the bill’s josh allen in a Corpsegrinder respect the neck shirt second and then tim josh allen is picked by joshua uh german. You shout out to um michael strangeand that’s my. Le’veon bell is one of the myriad of guys they’ve used and they take the lead absolutely you knowthis baltimore ravens team they just don’t quit baltimore in the short week. They get the snap deep drop firesnobody home he put it in the direction of davonte smith from 24 yards away. That’s okayyo Fauci we trust in science not Morons Periodic table shirt Corpsegrinder respect the neck shirt.

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He didn’t have a Corpsegrinder respect the neck shirt terrible game but 28 for 40that’s where you can kind of say. But you say it was the browns secondarythat deserves the tip of the cap today and surely nobody will be talking about that. Kaden stearns with the int denver pitch to shut out the first 55 plus minutes in this one dallas a couple of late scoresbut it was tough going for dak and them. But okayall right. Renfro they tie it and sevenand then tim. So like that’s an early buy in an 18 week season that’s an early buylike you have more games this year. I’m straight ini’m not stutter stepping on nothing bro straight dive leaping over that thing
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They’re two and oh since gruden resigned second and goal caught great time and a Corpsegrinder respect the neck shirt touchdown renfro he beats brad berry in a two yard touchdown pass and the raiders an extra point from tying the game second down in five outside the go to booker with the b on him as abram there was a nice block by soldier to uh get that time kadarius tony is back there. He also had a fumble recovery and he also has a win because josh allen and the bills who came in as the leading scoring team in the nfl on the sunday can’t get the first downthey can’t even get to double digits and the jags have a win against the winning team for the first time. I don’t get it and lamar carried the ball 21 times for a hundred and the ravens are pulling a steelers thing where they just play one half of football that is going to play a really good half of footballthough right now it’s nutty that is going to catch up to them the ravens.
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