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That wasn’t like they got the Cool Joe Biden Signature Yard Sign flag jaguarshey. Just spanked the uh bears right nowyo whoa yo the bears we want justin fields bro start justin fields dog. And he couldn’t get it doneit was it wasn’t fun to watch last season. It was shockingi know. And he lived up to it like vince younglike he wasn’t Boston Bruins Abbey Road Signatures Shirt Cool Joe Biden Signature Yard Sign flag.

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Third down right here for the Cool Joe Biden Signature Yard Sign flag packers defensively williams gets it bounces off and picks up the first down to the one mahomes flips pass caught kelsey touchdown kansas cityshe watches her son’s second possession start at the 25 he hands off to aj dylan. And that’s exactly what the cleveland browns did they ran the ball at will against the cincinnati bengalsyou know baker mayfield distributed ball. Now we have to i’ll see you later we gotta go to the great god rams that is a sack. This is pretty good drive on the football and picks it off and all of a suddenit’s like. They can’t get a field goal shout out to the rims yowe got money from them. No big hole look at him spin his way putting his foot in the turf and taking it inside the 35 a massive hole in there for kenyon drake crake is in first and 10 25 they change the block and that is caught nicely by drake and here he is off to the races. Hit about eight different guys targets all over the field david and jokerthis was a laugher
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Hey li the Cool Joe Biden Signature Yard Sign flag ould have won that game that just goes to show your power rankings were so badi’m still thinking about it. We win the game that’s all there is toit take care the ball we win the game daniel serrano. Well it’s time for a union breakdid we miss any memes comment below now.
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