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But we didn’twell it’s not surprising. Four m a Colts it’s ok to not be ok shirt pressure mccoy short to connor makes a move connor up the sidelinehe’s got a first down across the 30 on the play from the 33 good toss to kirk and kirk four man pressure mccoy in trouble down. They’ll actually play seattle who’s a five seeker quarterback issues of their ownbut again they play the seahawks next sunday roger’s not eligible to return to the team until next saturday on the other side as we were talking about before you came on the air. Is a 2022 first round pick which is awesome because that’s obviously next year thereit is slater. Though that’s gonna be hereyou said versus tom brady we gotta go Grinch and Max Dog driving jeep shirt Colts it’s ok to not be ok shirt.

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This is his signature winyeah. Yeahso if patrick mahomes wins seven champion the Colts it’s ok to not be ok shirt or six championships with the same coach you would know his coach’s name too exactly. This is likethis is their thing. You go cow pits for sixand then he sips his teeth. I don’t know how you prepare a man at this pointyou need to know you can’t fumble the ball you got to take care of the ball. Rightyeah. Allen looking for digsit doesn’t happen urban meyer
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Washington should be fun seahawks cults will be a Colts it’s ok to not be ok shirt lot of fun toothose are some interesting teams going against each other cardinals titans could be. Who’s therethey’re all just playing frustration chiefs dude they. And it couldn’t have come at a better time second down 13 empty backfield going deep and incomplete going for ingram flags on the field nate hobbs was defending the rook rookie is called pass interference defense number 39 ball be placed at the spot of the foul automatic first down.
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