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What did he say he said go teamwhat did he but. You and now backrt tv b an Coach of the Hill shirt Hits the crossbar and comes short and that’s how this game will come to an endmaybe another foot or two would have been the difference love trying to drop it off for jones incomplete fourth down. The joker who broke a tackle on the play of that early galloping free look at this foot race campbell can’t get him touchdown the cleveland browns number 11deontay harris. What the wtf andiu Once your tongue touches my meat ain’t no other place that you’ll want to eat shirt Coach of the Hill shirt.

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The three of us would be five and three between the bengals ravens and steelers no the vikings had to mess that up and the in the browns are freaking out so far not that far behind either nothey’re a Coach of the Hill shirt game behind. Ravens cut the deficit to seven they actually trailed by 14 twice in this game great effort to rally in the fourth jackson devin duvernay beautiful touched by lamar better catch in the back of the end zone and just like that a 24 10 deficitwe’re all square at 24. It’s notlike i’m hiding it. So well it was really neatand he had those turnovers I think might have been close to put them in the red zone what i’m going to be interested to see for the rest of the year for the giants now the booker is kind of doing well. That’s what I was confusedi knew there was something missing. When you go on the road they’re coming off a big winum. I talk about patching my hopeswhat would you just say it this is a better game bro without getting this is
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I mean a Coach of the Hill shirt disasteri mean a total disaster looks like bad holes. Why not four plays later with under 30 seconds left in overtime justin tucker his 17th career game winning field goal four of the ravens six wins this yearthey have trailed in the four chris. Deandre he’s being a one on a one on one because in that situation it would have been a one on one situation deandre hopkins in a one on one situation he’s winningyeah.
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