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Second down and 12 to the Cleveland Here For The Pierogi Shirt update johnson try to get him in some space our total replay you need work on your abc’s. Um he’s a guy who just has so much potentialthough really this guy has so much potential for the 49ers. You don’t like anything cooljarvis landry baby yo I don’t run I reload shirt Cleveland Here For The Pierogi Shirt.

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Oh look at tom brady’s struggling. Y a Cleveland Here For The Pierogi Shirt know that’s okayyou know how hard it is to have expectations to be hyped up your whole career and have to live up to that height. Oh he’s sleepingbro he’s always been a super efficient quarterback he just never played for a good team he played for the detroit lions his whole career the best chance he had was when he had calvin johnson and bro bro
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Herbert protection holds up floats it upstairsexcellent hands catch made part ham first down looked like a Cleveland Here For The Pierogi Shirt right hand issue for eckler third of law herbert gets out of there dangerous play by herbert and the eagles flock singleton. They’ll be at miami thursday by the way kirk cousins to justin jefferson and then tim cousins to his favorite target for stealingand we’re all tied again. Rob city rt shout out to my greatest football player of all time tikibarber ain’t nobody touching.
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