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It’s hot down there now uh huha pair of Cincinnati Bengals Vintage Inspired shirt number seven overall picks named alan. That’s what i’m saying that’s what i’m saying averagetheir receivers did pretty average the broncos just did well a lot of that. What’s his name is not touching that ball anymorebro morris not touching that ball. I meanyeah. So he can challenge you at the high point which you saw him do there a second ago against jamar chase and the reason I counted with namdi assamwas because I think that for me patrick certain has the ability to cover really anybody out there in the league whether you’re fast whether you’re physical and nam biasimo with those long arms and his ability to um to read quarterbacks and drive on the ball and make plays on the ball and the way he played to his length TayLor Zac Dreamathon shirt Cincinnati Bengals Vintage Inspired shirt.

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Well it’s odell’s a Cincinnati Bengals Vintage Inspired shirt ultor it’s baker’s fault. It’s josh allen interceptingjosh allen mahomes flips pass caught kelsey touchdown kansas city. We need you to be a great runner that the amount the volume of plays that they are asking him to be a star is incrediblenow they help him down here on the goal line we talked about this they move for card they end up confusing the defense for the vikings they don’t pass it off. ‘s just flashingyeah. And he has this fearlessness this competitiveness this kind of supreme confidence that he’s going to get it figured out at some point throughout the gameand I just get a sense that the entire team has that same type of fearlessness and confidence in lamar jamie. I mean the broncos were left for deadthey were left for dead after trading the greatest defensive player in franchise history of coach squarely on the hot seat a quarterback they said you couldn’t win with and they win 30 16 on the road more on the putrid dallas offense dallas. You knowthat’s what it was tell me this dude was starting over you
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I’ll get the Cincinnati Bengals Vintage Inspired shirt heck out of hereeveryone agreed in the comments it’s gonna be even tougher even tougher. Here’s fields throwing on the run and snuck it into a tight window to cole comet called alan robinson from the 15 fields trying to set it up for montgomery needs a block and has some santos from 22 a touchdown for chicago as well here’s roethlisbergernow looks like they had. Well he fights for extra yardagehe’s had to prove himself.
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