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I don’t know maybe these teams want to come out and try to perform and say hey we could still do this or is this one of those games again where it’s anybody can beat anybodyoh it definitely is like a Chicago White Sox Family shirt flute game in my opinion like this is like. No it’s true because I mean you think about it because if you biglike we take away the fourteenth court and then which the game is basically 21 24. That’s my guyyou know. I mean this was who saw this coming herewe go denver and dallas dallas. Then they got the cowboys and the seahawksdamn they don’t have a fun schedule Damn right I am a Huskers fan now and forever shirt Chicago White Sox Family shirt.

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Down stop it stop ityou can’t go undefeated with this team because you need bill the Chicago White Sox Family shirt dy goes undefeated bro regular season regular season he won defeated with bill. I wouldn’t play your business more than took care of businessi really want to see the colts in the titans play again in the playoffs. But the sports world is curious what do you think of jordanlove. Well that’s what i’m saying it’s likeone week it’s one. All right talking about things 22 10 the fact that they have no who cares bro. Yeahthey played better without hold on the person that played good in cleveland. Here’s connor on first down caught by both of the balls out the ballstripped out by bosa bouncing around on the turf who ends up with it and somehow connor ends up with it
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Just march up and down the field because they create so many explosive playswell guess what you’re not able to get those explosive plays anymore because our defenses are playing you so this right now is really a Chicago White Sox Family shirt test to see how the how the kansas city chiefs and andy reid are going to adjust their play calling because teams are not going to let them have those explosive plays and beat them. So tom brady got those 54 goddamn times for 425 yards he did what he had to do tommywas a running quarterback he would have let’s let’s also speak about the fact that deshaun desean jackson was running a muck he should have had two 60 yard plus teddies if matt stafford makes the first throw. Was just fantastic in this gameand I think when dallas is not able to run the ball like they’ve been doing all you know.
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