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Oh it cuts so muchso the But I’mma talk about you Connie shirt burrow slipped and fell we’re gonna find out if this hamstrings okay. Yeahhe had 64 yards two teddies. Yeahi’m gonna take the browns man only because you see who did take the dub today them denver broncos baby afc west. Ron lee had you know where where the team literally asked the ass of the quarterback we need you to do all of this like the baltimore ravens asked lamar jackson to do for their teamit’s. Everyone could say is the reason the aura of a goat or aura of that superstar and everyone could say tom brady has been the face of the nfland that’s probably why the nfl isn’t as international as it needs to be Chris Martin Atlanta Braves Sugar Skull shirt But I’mma talk about you Connie shirt.

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We don’t even mention it anymore such a But I’mma talk about you Connie shirt great part of his gamewhat did you see from lamar today. This run game for denver is making a dent keep an eye on randy gregoryright here he’s the joker. It is good. So the browns they are uh over 500they are not in the playoff picture they’re in the hunt but look at this afc ain’t playing right. The pair winning a national championship for the tigers uh now we’ll try to win a championship for the first time for the jacksonville jaguar franchise and here is from our crack staff in research travis etienne selected 25th overall by the jags first time in the common draft erathat a quarterback and running back from the same school of course trevor lawrence drafted number one overall by the jags selected in the first round of the same draft by the same teams. Though they the chargers couldn’t stop jalen hurts running the ball dudelooked fast as frick dude. Just thought I just saw a ci just thought that was like I don’t know
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So the But I’mma talk about you Connie shirt final was 30 to 16 butdenver was up. Yeahfourth quarter raiders are down a touchdown under a minute to go vegas is driving though but watch quincy. You know what when you momentum swing like thatyeah.
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