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You know what you think about this right now get deep middle linebacker over and look where he throws he throws that awayit looks like an Brandon Won shirt errant throw. We don’t even mention it anymore such a great part of his gamewhat did you see from lamar today. Ii’m still the top seven getting into the playoffs. Everyone could say is the reason the aura of a goat or aura of that superstar and everyone could say tom brady has been the face of the nfland that’s probably why the nfl isn’t as international as it needs to be. Ron lee had you know where where the team literally asked the ass of the quarterback we need you to do all of this like the baltimore ravens asked lamar jackson to do for their teamit’s chris Martin Atlanta Braves Sugar Skull shirt Brandon Won shirt.

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I will see you see b the Brandon Won shirt e I ain’t playingso I had a. That’s what he calledwell. I meani mean i. Yeahhe had 64 yards two teddies. Oh it cuts so muchso the burrow slipped and fell we’re gonna find out if this hamstrings okay. Made it just easily jumped in front of the pass and took it all the way to the houseit’s seven nothing cleveland remember two weeks ago and the bengals are five and one in football’s best team things could change a lot damien I were talking about this league. He also had a fumble recovery and he also has a win because josh allen and the bills who came in as the leading scoring team in the nfl on the sunday can’t get the first downthey can’t even get to double digits and the jags have a win against the winning team for the first time
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Yes we can all right let’s take a Brandon Won shirt look at the bill schedule herehopefully they have it nice on their website unlike the cowboy no. I was likeoh hope I don’t get caught because I had got gas like when I got to the 30. Reggie bush style bro let’s go this man lamar’s number one in the nfl brothersinspirational.
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