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I didn’t think you had it in you without the Blanket I’m Always With You receivers the way he was breaking it down before the gamebut you did what you did with the pieces that you have. Rosei will be joined momentarily by maurice jones drew who of course calls the rams game he is making his way over here from sofie stadium. Originally what I was thinking is maybe they’re trying to come out in the first half and prove the people that lamar can throw the ball and then whenever they know that now maybe he can’t throw the balland now we’re going to come in and start running with them and doing what actually works. Watch out for the new england patriotsi’m. Well the thing was you put them so low on that list because derek henry wasn’t in rightyeah Only You Can Prevent Communism shirt Blanket I’m Always With You.

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And I think to be a Blanket I’m Always With You starting quarterback in chicagoyou got to have some toughness. Yeahhe had a fumble recovery too now in the fourth the bills who are the highest scoring team in the nfl coming into this one being held to six points so far on fourth and 16. All right have a good nightall right and. They’ve beenand you know what this ravens offense can do in comeback situations there’s jackson right to the sticks at the 35 yard line. And it’s a fourth quarter gameyou’re gonna really define who you’re about. I know get your mind off the ghouloh he slung that. It’s been a whileso that was a lot of fun and just just proud of the guys proud of the city
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No take off take offokay. Oh yeahthat. Night fam here’s why i’m saying blaming one guy is ridiculous if I kne the Blanket I’m Always With You you gotta do is take jimmy out of the equation and put trey inand we could win.
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