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He’s into the end zone quite a Andy mineo presents neverland 2 shirt bit this seasonthird quarter connor is going to take this one from behind the line. I didn’t realize tim boyle was the tim boyle I realizedblake bortles is going to be news. Yeahyeah. Ohhey there’s this offensive lineman saying you know. A win at washingtona loss at baltimore six minutes to go in the third hertz downfield hits devonta smith he was grabbed by the foot Be kind to animals john wick dr fauci shirt Andy mineo presents neverland 2 shirt.

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They have lost three games after leading during the fourth can they break it today and come up with a Andy mineo presents neverland 2 shirt win third and seven for daniel jones 13 of 16 moves up niftily on the move he needs the 30 spun and got it to the 31. Next eagles drive though they’re downseven jalen hurts on third and four. ‘ll see you later we gotta go to the great god rams that is a sackmy brother they called me sac city because I love the state of sac 2009 classical rhode island. They didn’t wait to get in the red zonethey’d take the ball from scrimmage a little dump off pass. I don’t see them doing theythey’re super cocky because they’ve been the team the past two years and now all of a sudden they’re not yeah. Is likethis is great. Rightyeah
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That’s a Andy mineo presents neverland 2 shirt rough three game stretchand they finish off jaguars and uh miami. Watch out for the new england patriotsi’m. I mean I count them all i’m not even going to hold that against him because aaron rodgers gets aaron rodgersi’m not giving him that excuse.
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